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Why love one but eat the other?

Why Love One But Eat The Other?

Dogs and cats are loved and adored; we think of them as our companions, our friends. We feel outraged when we hear of their abuse and call for laws to protect them. Indeed, the idea of eating them would simply be unthinkable to most.

In contrast, farm animals - who are every bit as intelligent, sensitive and emotional as dogs and cats - are just regarded as food.

The Toronto Campaign

A subway ad campaign in Toronto highlighted this disparity with the question, “why love one but eat the other?” (Click here for the original Toronto campaign.)


Chickens have close family ties. They will fight foxes and eagles to protect their family members and they mourn the loss of a loved one.


The curious and insightful pig is the smartest domestic animal in the world, with intelligence beyond that of a 3 year-old human child.


Cows are incredibly affectionate and protective mothers who frantically bellow and search for their babies for days and even weeks after their calves are taken away.

Yet each year, billions of farm animals endure a life of misery and are denied everything that is natural to them. They are tortured, mutilated and cramped in cages so small, they are barely able to move.

Factory farms


Bringing the Campaign to Singapore

VSS is working to bring this campaign to Singapore and run it at the City Hall MRT station from 27 March to 9 April 2014. The posters will be displayed on both platforms, covering a total of 96 platform screen doors (the most prominent ad space), and will be seen by many hundreds of thousands of people.

Platform Screen Doors

The cost for the 2 week run is around $50,000.

We appeal to you to help make the campaign a reality. Please help support this campaign and make more people realize that farm animals are just as intelligent, emotional, sensitive and deserving of our love and empathy as dogs and cats.

We thank you sincerely,
The VSS Team

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