The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook

The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook
By Mayura Mohta & George Jacobs

What's the latest trend in vegetarian cuisine? Oil free dishes - and VSS, along with our colleagues at Healthfriend, is on the case with a new cookbook:
The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook.

The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook includes scientific information on why foods high in oil damage the heart. It is supported by the Singapore Heart Foundation.

Based on the groundbreaking research of Dr Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr of the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, The Heart Smart Oil Free Cookbook provides tested, detailed recipes by skilled chefs and global nutrition experts.

The recipes enable you to eat right for your heart while enjoying a wide range of tasty dishes.

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New Asian Traditions

New Asian Traditions Vegetarian Cookbook
by Susan Amy, Kiran Narain, George Jacobs

This is VSS' first cookbook and features more than 60 recipes from Singapore and around the world! Filled with stories that go with each dish and brimming with information about vegetarianism.

You'll also enjoy the fantastic, mouthwatering photos of the dishes.

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VSS Food Voucher

Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide -
2011 Edition

The 2011 edition of the Singapore Vegetarian Food Guide is out now, and features over 100 restaurants where you can savour the most delectable, animal-friendly veg creations – from lip-smacking healthy organic eats to luscious local favourites. All this in a convenient, easy-to-carry booklet!

  • 77 pages (with many mouth-watering photos)
  • Write-ups on over 100 restaurants
  • Conveniently organised by precincts
  • Locate healthy and delicious vegetarian versions of local favourites
  • Features the best organic eats

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