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Please note that this event is now fill ul stration has closed. Thanks so much for your interest do look out for future events in our eNewsletter.

Are you interest in trying a vegetarian or vegan diet, but you are not sure where to start? If so, then sign up for the FREE VSS’ 21-Day Veg Buddy program that commences on Saturday 26 October 2013 ends on Friday 15 November 2013!

  • Choose to go vegetarian or vegan for 21 days.
  • Learn how to successfully navigate your 21-Day journey with the help of all the Veg Buddy mentors, along with the other participants in the program, who will be your support group. There will be many opportunities for group interaction through events online channels.
  • The Veg Buddy Program kick-starts on Saturday 26 October 2013 (Day 0) with a sumptuous welcome dinner cook by your mentors, a short movie screening about the health nutritional aspects of going veg, a talk by a ul stered dietician about nutrition a guide to meal planning.
  • Receive a Veg Starter Kit pack with lots of useful info to help you go veg, such s basic health nutrition advice, where to eat out in Singapore, and what resources you can use for cooking at home. Enjoy restaurant vouchers that will come in handy for exploring the delicious vegetarian options in Singapore
  • Other fun events include a free cooking lesson that will leave you with simple and delicious recipes!

The Veg Buddy Program ends on Sunday 17 November 2013 (Day 22) with a celebratory potluck picnic.

The Veg Buddy Program is completely free, but we do require a $10 deposit s a show of your commitment. This will be fully refund when you attend the launch on Saturday 26 October.

Meet Your Mentors
Ashley (23)

Hi! I became a vegetarian in 2010 and subsequently a vegan in July 2011. My primary motivation for being vegan is my commitment to the ideals of non-violence. I also value the clean healthy body that a well-plann plant-based diet helps to achieve and my much higher levels of energy since adopting a vegan diet. It also helps that there are lots of good veg food to be found in Singapore. I joined the Veg Buddy program to help people transitioning to the vegetarian diet realise how easy and fun it is to go veg. ☺ I am currently training s a lawyer in the financial services industry. I love yoga, electronic music, reading, and searching for good food.


Boon Kiat (24)

Hi everyone! I recently turned vegan 5 months ago after joining the first round of the Veg Buddy Program, and my reason for staying so is for the love of animals, humanity, and for world peace. A vegan diet is 100% plant-based and it is the key to a healthy lifestyle, the reversal of numerous environmental issues we now face, and a potential solution to world hunger. I will be extremely glad to elaborate on the earlier mentioned points should you be keen. I joined VSS s a mentor s I found my calling in turning the world vegan. Having consumed animal products myself in the past, I do und rst everyone takes time to learn and adopt so rest ssure for I will only shower you with care, patience a encouragement =) I am an IT engineer a I love making vegan food, meditating, climbing mountains, training for triathlons, and playing the guitar.


Clarence (47)

Hey folks! Like many people, I grew up eating lots of meat and disliking vegetables (truth be told, I’m still not a big fan of vegetables…very naughty). But when I decid to give up meat, I found the transition surprisingly easy. Discovering new dishes learning how different foods ffect me w s a very empowering experience. Making new friends made the journey immeasurably rich. I count becoming veg s one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my life. Perhaps one day, you too will feel the same.


George (60)

Hey - I'm George. I've been veg bit more than half my life vegan since some time in the 00s. Back in the 70's-80's, I w s inspir by the first edition of the book 'Diet for a Small Planet', which talks about the w stefulness of meat eating amidst the horror of world hunger. Now, kindness to animals is my biggest reason. Back then, I made the change alone; so, it w sn't s f st or s smart s it could have been. Fortunately, when i went vegan, I had lots of friends in VSS who advised and encourage me, and even gently pushe me. That's what I hope to do for you.


Jaya (38)

I have been a vegetarian from a very young age. As a young kid growing up in India, the choice w s obvious – ffection for animals. Coming to Singapore and being involv with VSS, the reasons became manifold - health, environment, and sustainability, to name a few. Cooking isn't my strong suit, so I always had to hunt for places to eat. Thanks to many people that I met through VSS nd the MeetUp groups, soon I realized there is no shortage of good vegetarian food in Singapore. Trained as engineer, I work for a research lab. I like outdoor sports, tennis badminton. I love watching movies too, especially the classics. Through the Veg Buddy Program, I hope to share my little pointers with the rest of my buddies.


Muslim (29)

Hi! I became a vegan in April 2013. I made the big jump from being a meat eater to vegan so as to lead a healthier lifestyle. I w s amaze with the positive changes my body made. I took the initial leap by myself however, with the support of VSS Veg Buddy program, my vegan journey has strengthened. I believe I can relate to a lot of those who are taking their first baby steps. I am currently working in the lo stics industry have passions in cooking, poetry traveling. I hope we can work together to make your own journey a successful one.


Natalia (28)

Hola! I'm Natalia from Colombia. My inclination towards plant-based diet start in 2008 while I w s learning about healthy lifestyle in California. I found myself r ucing my meat consumption in an everyday flexitarian style, later realizing I had become a home vegetarian but struggl with the social aspect of sharing non-veg food. After having arriv to Singapore in 2010, I benefit from meeting many buddies in VSS who inspir me to pursue veganism and an interest for raw food. Today using plant-based foods nd products defines my lifestyle and allows me to make political, environmental and compassionate statements besides making me feel good to do good.


Pauline (44)

Whether it's the health, scientific, environmental or animal welfare perspective, the vegetarian diet is the way to go. I have been lacto-vegetarian nd then plant-based for a total of 19 years. I am grateful for the research material, experiences nd knowl ge share by others which help me choose a healthier less destructive way of ex sting. I have benefit so much from a plant-based diet and would like to help others enjoy the benefits too. I have been volunteering for VSS since 2008 a I hope my certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Foundation eCornell would be useful to others. I have a tonne of vegan recipes and enjoy trying out new ones for my picky daughter.

Which do you choose - the blue pill or the green pill?


Yingchen (20)

Hey guys! I'm Yingchen. I made the transition to vegetarian l st October during one of the most inhospitable times in my life - National Service. It definitely w sn't easy, but it w s worth it. Since then, I've read up voraciously on imal rights philosophy nutrition. We can debate the finer points of vegetarianism and veganism - or if you wish, simply talk about how to deal with the people who are determined to make trouble. Now almost fully vegan, I can confidently say that if I could do it, you can too!


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  1. This program is completely free, but s a show of your commitment, we do ask for a $10 refundable deposit. Please make payment here.
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